• Five Dead In Kurdish Attacks On Turkish Security Forces
    Five people died in new attacks on Turkish security forces, according to officials.
  • Radio Free Iraq Signs Off After 17 Years Of Service
    RFE/RL’s Arabic Service to Iraq, Radio Free Iraq (RFI) will air its final broadcast on July 31. The resources of RFI will be merged with Radio Sawa Iraq to provide the audience with extensive Iraq-specific news and informational programming.
  • Pro-Kremlin Newspaper Nurtures A Know-It-All
    A Russian poet and blogger becomes an "expert" of many stripes for one of Russia's largest Kremlin-connected newspapers.
  • Demolition Starts At Islamabad Shanty Town
    Bulldozers began demolishing a shanty town in Islamabad that Pakistani authorities say is a base for Islamic militants. Police used tear gas and a water cannon on July 30 to force out residents, most of whom are Afghan refugees and internally displaced people from volatile areas of Pakistan.
  • Sarajevo Workers Protest Labor Bill
    Hundreds of angry workers rallied in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina to protest a bill that would make it easier for employers to fire staff. Authorities say the new law is necessary if the country ever wants to join the European Union.
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