• Protesters, Police Resume Clashes In Islamabad
    Antigovernment protesters and police have clashed again in the Pakistani capital Islamabad after weeks of demonstrations calling for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign.
  • The Rundown -- September 1
    RFE/RL in the Media # "Washington Post" editorial says Ukraine crisis shows importance of RFE/RL  # "Atlantic" uses visualization on world's displaced people created by Li Luo # CNN uses video of fighting in Donetsk shot by RFE/RL Moldovan Service's Andrei Babitsky  # VOA quotes RFE/RL's Fred Petrossian on surveillance in Iran  # "National Review" cites Carl Schreck and Luke Johnson story on muted Crimea speech   Russia # Putin urges talks on "statehood" for southeastern Ukraine # Seven possible Ukraine targets for Russian army # American white nationalists to hold conference with Dugin and Hungarian nationalists in October  # Does China stand to benefit the most in fight between Ukraine and Russia? # "Vladimir Putin Isn't Going to Stop" - Miriam Elder, Buzzfeed   Ukraine # Separatists taunt dying Ukrainian soldier  # Separatist attack Ukrainian ship from coast  # Poor man's drone warfare in eastern Ukraine # "Arm Ukraine or Surrender" - Ben Judah, "New York Times"  # "Ukraine’s [basketball] Success Rooted in an Atlanta Connection" - Harvey Araton, "New York Times"    Iraq # Siege of Amerli broken; do strikes represent mission creep? # IS fighters begin to blend in, making defeating them an even greater challenge # Militants now using humvees for suicide bomb attacks   Iran # Iran criticizes new U.S. sanctions on banks and businesses  # Why Iran won't leave Afghanistan # "U.S. and Iran Unlikely Allies in Iraq Battle" - Tim Arango and Azam Ahmed, "New York Times"    Afghanistan/Pakistan # A new biography of Karzai # IS forces U.S. to alter withdrawal plans for Afghanistan # Armed men reportedly gang rape women in suburban Kabul # Pakistan crisis turns violent as three die and hundreds are injured; army meeting again    Central Asia # Controversy surrounding Putin's statement on Kazakhstan # Tajik citizen named one if IS leaders   Of Interest # Kissinger: World order crumbling # Obama's "minimalist" Middle East strategy    
  • Live Blog: Ukraine In Crisis
  • Putin In Yakutsk As Work Starts On Russian-Chinese Gas Pipeline
    Russian President Vladimir was in the Siberian city of Yakutsk on September 1, where he will take part in a ceremony starting construction of a gas pipeline to China.
  • Russian Duma Deputy Calls For Checks On Ronald McDonald House
    A deputy in the Russian State Duma, the lower house of parliament, has called for an inspection of the activities of the Ronald McDonald House Charities organization.
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