• 'Why Criticize?' Putin, Lavrov Meet Russia's Admiring Young Elite
    If Russian officials seek unconditional support for anything from policy to fashion sense, they need not look farther than the Seliger youth camp. The Kremlin-sponsored camp, some 350 kilometers northwest of Moscow, annually hosts thousands of politically minded young people -- aged between 11 and 30 -- ostensibly to discuss ideas for Russia's future. But debate is not really on the agenda.
  • President Says Estonia Wants Permanent NATO Bases
    Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves says his country wants NATO to set up permanent bases on its territory to protect it against potential threats from Russia.
  • Former Kazakh Agriculture Deputy Pleads Not Guilty In Corruption Trial
    Kazakhstan is trying a former deputy agriculture minister, Muslim Omiraev, on corruption charges.
  • Soviet Media Powerhouse: TASS Through The Ages
    Russia's state news agency ITAR-TASS has just rebranded itself and will be known by its old, Soviet-era name TASS. Founded in 1925, the Telegraph Agency Of The Soviet Union was responsible for all news content for radio, television, and print media. It became ITAR-TASS in 1992 after the break-up of the Soviet Union.
  • Separatist Commander: 'It's Impossible To Defeat Our Army'
    Aleksandr Khodakovsky, one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, said the Ukrainian military has "no chance" of defeating separatist forces in the country's east. In an interview with RFE/RL correspondent Andrei Babitsky on August 30 in Donetsk, the commander of the Vostok separatist battalion said former members of the Russian armed forces have been "sharing their expertise" with the rebel forces, but he stopped short of admitting the direct involvement of Russia's regular forces in eastern Ukraine.
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