• Obama Heads To Europe
    U.S. President Barack Obama was due to depart for Europe on a key visit that takes him to the Baltic country of Estonia and then to Britain for a NATO summit.
  • The Rundown -- September 2
    RFE/RL in the Media # Luke Johnson appears on the Bill Press Show (1:40)  # Read Tom Balmforth in the "Guardian" on the pain of living after surviving the Beslan school siege  # YahooNews uses RFE/RL video from protest outside Pakistan state television    Russia # British oil industrialist accuses of BP of spurning its role in North Sea in favor of championing Russia # "Putin's Bate and Switch" - Ian Bateson, Russia  # "Choking Russia's Banks Would Be the Ultimate Sanction" - Carol Matlack, Bloomberg # U.S P.R. Firm's "fine line" in representing Russia  # Russia confirms all five geckos died on space mission   Ukraine # Ukraine military shifts to defense to prevent further gains # In first Minsk meeting, Ukraine separatists ask for autonomy, not independence # The foreign fighters in Ukraine's war # "Ukraine—The Way Out" - Anatol Lieven, "New York Review of Books"  # Ukrainian Facebook users being attacked by Kremlin bots   Eastern Europe # Appeal by Polish intellectuals to the citizens and governments of Europe   Iraq/Syria # "In Search of a Strategy" - Steve Coll, "New Yorker"  # Who's backing IS? # UN says acts of inhumanity on "unimaginable scale"  # "The Unbearable Emptiness of a New York Times Op-Ed" - Peter Beinart, "Atlantic"    Iran # Iran convicts Ahmadinejad's vice president # Iran-Iraq conflict remembered through the lives of widows  # Iran's ice bucket challenge # Rohani urges clerics to tolerate Internet   Afghanistan/Pakistan # Afghanistan’s election stalemate "casts shadow" on NATO summit # Taliban near control of Kunduz  # "Decaying Guantanamo Defies Closing Plans" - Charlie Savage, "New York Times"  # First China industrial park to be built in Pakistan # Pakistan state tv stormed   Central Asia # "How Sanctions Will Strengthen Putin's Regional Clout" - Nate Schenkkan, "Foreign Affairs"    Caucasus # "Azerbaijan's President Doesn't Really Get Twitter. He Doesn't Really Get Azerbaijan, Either" - Arzu Geybullayeva, Global Voices # Azerbaijan reportedly buying Israeli coast guard vessels    Of Interest # Say hello to men who hate NSA spying but love invading the privacy of women # Protecting your photos from hackers
  • Kazakh Warplane Makes Emergency Landing In China
    A Su-27 warplane from Kazakhstan's Air Force made an emergency landing at a Chinese airport while returning from the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization antiterrorism exercises in China's Inner Mongolia.
  • Amnesty International Says Islamic State Guilty Of 'Ethnic Cleansing'
    In a report released on September 2, the rights group Amnesty International said Islamic State militants were guilty of "systematic ethnic cleansing" in northern Iraq.
  • Maliki: Iraq Will Become 'Big Grave' For IS
    Outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki made an unannounced visit to the recently liberated town of Amirli on September 1.
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