• Obama Signs Iran Nuclear Bill
    U.S. President Barack Obama has signed into law legislation giving Congress a say on any international nuclear agreement with Iran.
  • RFE/RL Closes Baku Bureau, Continues Azerbaijan Operation
    RFE/RL has closed its Baku bureau, after Azerbaijani authorities sealed the office shut in December 2014 in connection with a government-led campaign against foreign organizations.
  • Russia: EU Summit Missed Chance To Narrow Split
    Russia says the two-day EU Eastern Partnership summit in Riga has lost "another opportunity to make a step toward bridging a widening gap on the continent."
  • RFE/RL Takes Action In Azerbaijan
    RFE/RL has closed its Baku bureau, after Azeri authorities sealed the office shut last December in connection with a government-led campaign against foreign organizations. "Azeri authorities have acted illegally and arbitrarily, causing profound, and in several cases permanent, suffering and dislocation for our staff and their families,” said Nenad Pejic, RFE/RL editor in chief. Pejic also indicated that the company is prepared to take all steps to defend its rights...
  • Ramadi Refugees Face Desperate Humanitarian Situation As They Wait To Cross Into Baghdad
    The thousands of Iraqis fleeing to Baghdad in the wake of the Islamic State (IS) group's capture of Ramadi, west of the capital, are facing an increasingly desperate humanitarian situation.
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