• Tajik Border Official Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges
    A high-ranking border services officer has reportedly been arrested in Tajikistan in connection with drug trafficking.
  • The Slow, Dangerous Work Of Recovering Ukraine's War Dead
    A single volunteer organization has taken on the challenge of retrieving the bodies of slain fighters from the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. We look at the grim work of the Black Tulip organization.
  • Three Wounded In Attack On Polio Team In Pakistan
    Three people have been injured when a remote-controlled bomb targeted a polio team in northwestern Pakistan.
  • The Rundown -- October 22
    RFE/RL in the Media # Read Brian Whitmore in the "Atlantic" on the Kremlin's youth strategy   Russia # Can a Riga-based news outlet set up by the old Lenta team offer hope for independent media? # Russia sends troops and jets to the Arctic  # "Russia Today, Argentina Tomorrow" - Fabian Bosoer and Federico Finchelstein, "New York Times"  # "Guardian" says Sweden joining NATO may now...
  • Pakistan's Malala Receives U.S. Liberty Medal
    Malala Yousafzai, the child rights activist and youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, received the U.S. Liberty Medal October 22 and pledged her $100,000 award to education in her homeland Pakistan.
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