• Obama Vows Response To North Korea Over Sony Hack
    U.S. President Barack Obama says the United States "will respond" to North Korea after the FBI publicly identified the reclusive government as being behind a massive hacker attack and terrorist threats against Hollywood studio Sony Pictures.
  • Belarusian, Kazakh Leaders Headed To Ukraine
    The presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan will visit Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko early next week.
  • Iran Honors Its Fallen Jewish Soldiers
    Tehran has commemorated Iranian-Jewish soldiers who died in the bloody Iran-Iraq War.
  • As IS Advances, Anbar Leader Urges More Air Strikes
    As clashes continue between Islamic State (IS) gunmen and Iraqi security forces in Iraq's beleaguered Anbar province, the chairman of Anbar's provincial council Sabah Karhout has called on the United States and its allies to carry out fresh air strikes against the militant group.
  • Kurdish Forces Say Break Siege Of Sinjar
    Kurdish forces backed by heavy U.S. bombing say they have broken the siege of northern Iraq's Sinjar Mountain area and started to evacuate those refugees who were still on the mountain
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