Regional Studies Center (RSC)

Regional Studies Center (RSC)

Organizational Description

Since our founding as an independent think tank in 2012, the Regional Studies Center (RSC) has been conducting a wide range of strategic analysis and objective research, and implementing a number of educational and policy-related projects. As a leading think tank based in Armenia, the RSC conducts research and analysis and develops policy initiatives aimed at bolstering political and economic reform and conflict resolution in the broader South Caucasus region. 

Moreover, as an independent think tank, the RSC is actively engaged in the public policy process and, over the longer term, seeks to serve as a catalyst for democratic reform and sustainable economic development through the empowerment of civil society and by contributing to the formulation of public policy through innovative and objective research, analysis and policy recommendations. Our research and project activities consist of five main program areas:

  • Regional analyses and assessments of political, economic and security issues in the South Caucasus, but also including Iran, Russia and Turkey;
  • National security and defense reform;
  • Democratization and good governance;
  • Economics and sustainable development;
  • Educating and empowering youth as an “agent of change.”


Regional Studies Center (RSC)
60 Aram Street, #53, 3rd floor
0010 Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (+374) 11 70 99 69

On 26 February 2013, the Regional Studies Center (RSC) held a special presentation and discussion assessing the current post-election crisis in Armenia. Most significantly, the presentation was followed by an interactive role-play and scenario-based exercise, with participants dividing into smaller groups representing the opposition and the government, in order to formulate and present possible tactics and strategy for both sides. The presentation from the event is attached.


The presentation was part of our structured, certificate-based series of weekly professional training courses for students and young professionals. Known as the “RSC Expert School,” the program is part of our broader Education Project, which seeks to contribute to raising educational standards in Armenia by offering a series of modern, innovative and interactive training seminars, lectures and workshops.